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Born in 1968 Ust-Omchug, Magadan Region, Russia

Education and artistic activity:

1983   Art school, Ust-Omchug, Russia
1983 Graduated from Elementary Art School, Magadan
1984-88 Regional Arts College of Magadan, Russia
1989-94 Studies at the V.I. Mukhina Academy of Industrial Art, St. Petersburg
1994 Participation in Moscow in the UNESCO festival dedicated to the International Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of
the Indigenous People in the Northern Hemisphere
1995-05   Article and publication in North Space magazine, Moscow, Russia
1996 Birth of son, Tikhon
1999 Member of the Russian Artists’ Union, Section of Monumental Paintings
2000-05   Studio and work in Kirsten Kijers museum, Denmark
2005   Moved to England
2005 Birth of son, Anton
2007   Holmfirth Art Week
2011-12   Icons of Faith & Fate
Gallery 8, Duke Street, London

Seperate exhibitions:

1992 “Strange Verlung”, Berlin, Germany
1993 S.U.S.I. Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum, Berlin
1994 Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Frøstrup, Denmark
1994 House of Journalists, Moscow, Russia
1995 Regional Ethnographic and Cultural Museum, Magadan, Russia
1996 Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Frøstrup, Denmark
1999 Blue Sitting Room, Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg, Russia
2001 Special feature in “Jyllands-Posten”, Danish newspaper
2002 Culture House, Aarhus, Denmark
2002 Permanent Gallery, Viborg County, Denmark
2002   Greenland House, Aarhus, Denmark
2002   Jylland Posten, Copenhagen, Denmark
2003   Kalaallit Illuutaat-The Greenland House, Copenhagen, Denmark
2003   "The World of Chukotka" exhibition in the framework of the celebration of the 300 years anniversary of St.Petersburg, Peter`s Manege, Russia
2003   "Kukunet is opening her sicrets", Russian Museum of Ethnography, Saint-Peterburg, Russia
2004   Bo Lumen Gallery, Baallum, Ameland, Holland
2004   Gallery "De Linden", Wijk bij Duusrstede, Holland
2005   Billedstedet Gallery, Brovst, Danmark
2005 "Rejndear", Kunst House, Hanstholm, Denmark
2006-11 Annual exhibitions at Kirsten Kjaers Museum, Denmark
2011 "Icons of Faith & Fate" Gallery 8, Duke Street, London

Shared exhibitioms:

1989 Exhibition Hall in the Artists’ Union, Magadan, Russia
1992 State Concert-Exhibition Complex, Smolny Cathedral,
together with “Ally Group”, St. Petersburg, Russia
1998 “Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling”, Tirstrup, Denmark
1998 47th Annual Summer Exhibition, Society of Arts, Rye, England
1999 “New Language”, international project, Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg
1999 “Nude and Infinity”, House of Journalists, St. Petersburg
2000 “All Petersburg”, annual exhibition, St. Petersburg
2000 “Manège”, Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
2000 “All Petersburg”, annual exhibition, St. Petersburg
2001   “Wall”, annual exhibition, Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg
2007   Holmfirth Art Week, Yorkshire, England

Brief description of artistic activity:

Within the last 14 years - a combination of research and artistic activity in preservation and popularisation of the eco-culture of the Northern nations (Eskimos, Chukchis, Evenks and Koryaks).

1994 Participation in the opening of the tenth International Anniversary of Native Nations in Moscow under the aegis of UNESCO
1994 Articles and publication of paintings in the magazine “Severnyje Prostory”, Russia
2001 Special article about her art in the national newspaper “Jyllands-Posten”, Denmark
2002 Special article about her art in the Copenhagen Section of the national newspaper “Jyllands-Posten”, Denmark
2002 Development of the project and design of an animated cartoon together with Ø Film, Denmark
2003 Interview in RTR , Russian News TV Station


The Regional Museum of Anthropology, Magadan, Russia
Magadan City Administration, Magadan, Russia
Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Denmark
Private collections in Russia, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the U.K.

Resident artist since 2000 at Kirsten Kjærs Museum Denmark.

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